Sip N' Strip was an amazing event, but didn't allow much time for women to connect with one another being we were too busy perfecting our arches and mastering our sexy. The Secret Supper therefore, was intended to provide women that time and space to share energy, and did so on March 30th, as each seat was not only filled, but satisfied.  

We ate soooo good (Midwest Best), drank (DUH) and listened to live music by Lauren Elyse smooth enough to make me feel like Sanaa Lathaan in Brown Sugar. Her voice is like perfect baked mac and cheese: comfortable, addicting, and warm. 

Speaking of mac and cheese, it's worth mentioning again: THE FOOD WAS BOMB, and was accompanied by more wine than we could drink (still finishing a leftover bottle myself). 

There are no professional pictures of this gathering, because of the whole "secret" aspect, but not even the most talented of photographers could have appropriately captured the energy in the room. A room full of women with spirits and minds clear enough to enjoy each other and the moment: no agenda, no shade, no judgement. A room you should have been basking in, if you weren't there. Up next: ATLANTA. 



No matter how “just another day” February 14th actually is, the truth about the month of February is that it is the quintessential month of all things love. And self-love, as was the case for the 32 women who attended Sip N Strip at an equally sexy place called The Mockbee.

It was the Clique’s first community event and we were there to sip, meet, greet, eat (OCD Cakes), and shop (Oshun Lingerie Bar). But we were also there to celebrate self-love and confidence with a lap-dance routine by Posh Fitness. Although we didn’t technically strip, the name “Sip N Strip” was perfect since we metaphorically stripped away our inhibitions to perform a routine in unison (mostly).  

Our venue, The Mockbee, dates back to 1866 and was once part of the Bellevue Brewing Company after sitting vacant for nearly 13 years. It was built underground so brewers could take advantage of the natural geothermal cooling, which we could still feel in the air of the historical double tunnels. Although enigmatic, the mysteriousness of the space lended itself well to the intimate vibes of the event. More than that though, it looked cool as hell.

For the first hour we drank the jitters away until the idea of a lap-dance became more of a sexy mission than fear. After anteing up on liquid courage, we moved to the other tunnel where DJ Oh Destiny set the musical mood. What followed was enough sexiness and liberation to put the 70’s to shame. Woman after woman embraced themselves, their sexuality, and their insecurities; the stuff that makes us alike, but is often ignored. It’s hard to explain all the sexiness without sounding like a perverted creep, so let’s just say it was special. See for yourself here.

Ladies who attended, see your photos, download them and tag me: SIP N STRIP PHOTOS